75% of adults don’t know how to recycle electronics — here are the 3 best ways to responsibly dispose of tech

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It seems that the e-waste issue is more widespread and harmful than we thought — even bigger than Windows 10’s end of service — as several reports showcase the issue on a greater scope.

A new study from CNET found that a staggering 75% of adults either don’t have a plan in place for disposing of old devices or only have a vague but not definite one.

This supports a new report from the UN that states e-waste is on the rise, with devices being thrown away at five times the rate of being recycled. As a result, manufacturers have been pressured into making products that last longer and are more accessible in terms of repairs (often known as Right-to-Repair), as well as building devices using recycled material.

However, once your device is completely inoperable, it needs to be properly disposed of. While there are several ways of doing so, only a few can be counted as the best options that will have the least amount of environmental impact.

Sell or trade-in your used devices

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Most phone carriers and manufacturers offer promotions that let you sell or trade-in older phones for money or credit towards a new device. Not only is this an excellent way to dispose of unwanted tech, but said tech will then either be repaired and sold as refurbished or recycled by said company.

It also has the benefit of said device being disposed of properly, and not contributing to toxic runoff which continues to be a widespread e-waste issue.

Use a recycling service


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Both in-house and third-party recycling services will take your old devices off your hands, either through drop-off or pick-up services. Some of them even offer bulk services if you have a large amount that needs recycling.

Not only is recycling much better for the environment, but those parts can be used to create new things whether it’s technology or a different item altogether.

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While you may no longer have a use for your old tech, someone out there just might, which is why donating either to those you know or to charities is also a solid option.

Plenty of people can’t afford the tech they need to function in the modern world, and donating to them greatly extends the lifespan of a device, especially when you repair the item beforehand.

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