Acer shows Apple how environmentalism is done with pledge to collect equivalent of 2.5 million plastic bottles with Plastic Bank partnership

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Sustainability Week 2024

This article is part of a series of sustainability-themed articles we’re running to observe Earth Day 2024 and promote more sustainable practices. Check out all of our Sustainability Week 2024 content.

When it comes to laptop makers committing to reducing their environmental impact, Acer is one of the best – and it’s just announced a major collaboration with Plastic Bank to collect and recycle at least 50 tons of plastic waste in 2024.

According to Acer, this partnership with Canadian social enterprise Plastic Bank aims to prevent the equivalent of around 2.5 million plastic bottles ending up in the sea in Southeast Asia. Local Plastic Bank branches will take the plastic waste and pay the local market price for what’s collected. 

The idea is that not only will this help the environment by helping prevent waste plastic from polluting the ocean, but it can also offer opportunities to local communities, many of which suffer from poverty and are at risk of rising sea levels. As well as being paid to collect the plastic waste, other benefits including meal vouchers and health insurance will be offered

Apple could learn a thing or two

Acer has an excellent reputation when it comes to following through with its green pledges. I spoke to Acer’s EMEA President at last year’s COP28 event in Dubai about how important fighting climate change is to the company, and as well as collaborations with the likes of Plastic Bank, it has released a series of environmentally-friendly devices like the new Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptop, which is made of a blend of over 60% recycled plastic, and is (relatively) easy to take apart and repair, which helps cut down on electrical waste. Plus, there are some interesting AI-powered tools to help minimize the laptop’s power consumption.

The Acer Aspire Vero 16 is also the company’s first-ever carbon-neutral PC, and the company is committed to becoming entirely carbon-neutral in the future.

Acer Vero laptop

(Image credit: Future)

It certainly puts other companies who like to tout their green credentials to shame. As TechRadar’s Sustainability Week 2024 shows, the ecological impact of our technology is a big concern for many people – and the companies behind that tech are keen to claim that they are doing all they can to help reduce pollution and waste. Sadly,  some companies make claims that they do not follow through with.

Apple, for example, is a company that is often accused of that. Due to both its success and bold environmental claims, the company’s green efforts are under a lot of scrutiny. A report last year suggested that Apple’s green claims were “exaggerated,” but that it was still doing a good job of making its tech more environmentally friendly.

One noticeable area the company fails on – and one where Acer is increasingly impressive – is the repairability of its devices. 

Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks have been accused of being designed in such a way that it’s incredibly difficult for users to open up and repair the devices. Instead, those devices, which might only have minor issues, are replaced with new devices. A report by Bloomberg suggests that the secretive recycling process isn’t as green as some people might think, with faulty models being scrapped, which some people say causes unnecessary waste.

The sustainability of the tech we use is increasingly important to consumers, and the companies we buy from need to make sure they follow up their promises with actions. At the moment, Acer is doing just that, and a lot of its competitors should take notice.

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