Apple really wants businesses to use the Vision Pro — from factories to offices, could its wearable tech be more common soon?

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Apple says it sees its Vision Pro headset as an essential addition to every business and is pushing for more enterprises to adopt the firm’s advanced wearable tech.

While spatial computing certainly has a role in business, allowing firms to create experiences that were, until now, impossible, or at least, unrealistic, many firms remain unconvinced of the benefits, which is a view that Apple wants to change.

The company says enterprise developers are making headway in several categories, from productivity and product design to immersive training and guided work. By using Vision Pro, companies can reinvent workspace environments while enhancing everyday productivity.

Enhancing everyday productivity

The tech behemoth is keen to stress the many uses its wearable tech can be put to, from allowing users to easily access and manipulate their data using popular productivity apps like Microsoft 365 and SAP Analytics Cloud, to streamlining business decision-making with real-time access to data dashboards, 3D maps, and graphics.

“There’s tremendous opportunity for businesses to reimagine what’s possible using Apple Vision Pro at work,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise Marketing. 

“We’re thrilled to see the innovative ways organizations are already using Apple Vision Pro, from planning fire response operations to iterating on the most intricate details of an engine design – and this is just the beginning. Combined with enterprise-grade capabilities like mobile device management built into visionOS, we believe spatial computing has the potential to revolutionize industries around the world.”

Through data visualization on the Vision Pro, businesses can also explore advanced design and collaboration opportunities and aid in training procedures. Apple says guided work, which often requires a comprehensive understanding of a person’s surroundings, is another area where the Vision Pro comes in handy. The wearable technology could also provide invaluable assistance in emergency response, maintenance and repairs, utilities management, or even construction projects.

Despite the myriad benefits Apple is touting, many firms still need convincing that Vision Pro will indeed enhance everyday productivity and not merely offer a different – and perhaps less efficient – way of accomplishing standard tasks. This is the biggest challenge Apple must overcome if it is to secure broader adoption of its headset.

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