Certain Nest Cams will now notify you if you left the garage door open

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Google is currently testing several new (some might say overdue) Nest Cam features via its Public Preview program.

Starting from the top, the company is giving users the ability to create their own custom clips from a Nest Cam’s video history. This has been in the works for several years as Google first mentioned the update back in 2021 after the launch of the Nest Cam (battery). Now, Google Home on mobile has a tool that will let you cut out sections in a feed. You’ll pick out a start time and then choose the video’s “length from a set of options”. The camera history page is also getting a new event list and timeline views, highlighting the times the device detected motion. The redesign aims to make the clipping process easier to do.

There are some restrictions to using the cutout feature. Not only do you need to be a member of Public Preview, you must subscribe to Nest Aware Plus with 24/7 continuous video history enabled, and have a “compatible Nest Cam or Doorbell” model. The full list of supporting devices can be found on the announcement post, but just to name a few, they include the second-generation wired Nest Doorbell and the Nest Cam with Floodlight. 

Google Home's new clip tool

(Image credit: Google)

Garage door detection

Next, select Nest Cam models will be able to tell you if you left your garage door open through a smartphone notification, “no additional hardware or sensors required”. It’s all being done through the built-in AI that enables improved image detection tech.

Similar to the clip tool, there are a few limitations to be aware of. It will only be available to users in the US and Canada who own either a battery-powered Nest Cam or the second-gen, wired indoor Nest Cam. Instructions on how to set up garage door detection can be found on Google’s Nest Help website.

Google Home garage door detection

(Image credit: Google)

The tech giant is finally expanding Google Home support to the original Nest Cam Outdoor. This is a much-needed update as Google has been slowly killing off the official Nest app, pushing people to adopt the Home app instead. There is still work to be done with the transition as other devices from the Nest series remain missing like the Nest Protect smoke alarm. Lastly, holiday themes have returned to Nest Doorbells.

There are plans to expand the Nest Cam timeline history and a way to download clips on Google Home for web browsers. If this sounds interesting, you can join the Public Preview program. Instructions for this can also be found on the Nest Help page.

For those looking to beef up their home security, check out TechRadar’s latest roundup of the best Nest camera deals on the internet. 

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