Destiny 2 enemies become pacifists as suspected server issues throw up strange bugs and glitches

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Destiny 2 players – and its development team – have had it tough this week. Not only has the sci-fi shooter endured DDoS attacks that have taken the game down for hours at a time, but players have continued to experience connection errors and strange bugs and glitches over the weekend, too.

Beyond confirmation of maintenance over the weekend, developer Bungie has yet to formally comment on the issues plaguing players, but some have taken to Reddit and Destiny’s social media channels to report a range of strange happenings, including doors that don’t open, PvP scores that don’t update, and even pacifist enemies that refuse to engage.

As u/Indecisive_um said on the Destiny subreddit earlier today, “the game is currently broken, it’s not just you”.

The game is currently broken, it’s not just you. from r/DestinyTheGame

“If you’re trying to use interactions but can’t or doors aren’t opening, don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s everyone,” Indecisive_um – just one of dozens of thread starters bringing attention to the current issues – wrote.

“It seems […] something has broken big time with the game, and some of the following issues have popped up.”

The thread then lists a handful of issues that players have reported today, including:

  • Doors are not opening for any activity including Savathun’s Spire, Dungeons like Prophecy or Shattered Throne, and even the Helm.
  • Most, if not all, interactions are not working like the Chalice of Light in Crotas End, or the rally flag for public events.
  • Enemies are bugged out to the point that it seems they can’t die, nor can they notice the player in any way.

“I’m sure there’s more things going on that I haven’t listed, but just wanted to put this out for anyone who may be wondering what’s going on,” the OP said. “In the meantime, it might be a good idea to play another game while Bungie tries to address the issue, or do what I’m doing and get a chance to look up close to some of these enemies in their natural habitat.”

Whilst it seems that most issues have since been resolved – many suggest rebooting your system, particularly if you’re in the midst of a heavy session – some players report issues still persisted after Bungie’s background maintenance earlier today (thanks, PCGN).

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Last week, Bungie announced plans to temporarily disable players from using crafted weapons in a bid to get on top of another in-game glitch.

After acknowledging that players could give Legendary guns Exotic traits – essentially circumventing the game’s usual balance systems and allowing players to equip what is, in essence, three exotic weapons at once – Bungie confirmed that it’s “working on two fixes” that it hopes will address the issue. 

The first was a server-side update that will disable all crafted weapons from being equipped, after which the team will address “illegal” weapons by resetting them “to a default state”.

Earlier this week, Bungie said this issue was “now resolved”. 

“Illegitimate frames and perks on crafted weapons have been replaced by legitimate ones. Please be advised that any players attempting to utilize the previous crafting exploit will receive a WEASEL error code and be kicked to the login screen.”

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