Destiny 2 players will shortly be banned from equipping crafted weapons

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced plans to temporarily disable players from using crafted weapons in a bid to get on top of an in-game glitch.

After acknowledging that players could give Legendary guns Exotic traits – essentially circumventing the game’s usual balance systems and allowing players to equip what is, in essence, three exotic weapons at once – Bungie confirmed over the weekend that it’s “working on two fixes” that it hopes will address the issue. 

The first is a server-side update that will disable all crafted weapons from being equipped, after which the team will address “illegal” weapons by resetting them “to a default state”.

The team also confirmed that it was not going to disable Trials of Osiris because of this issue, and there were “no plans for a rollback”, either.

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“We’re aware of an issue that allows specific weapon perks to be crafted into other legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will result in these weapons being reset in the future,” the studio explained via a statement posted to social media.

The team confirmed that the sever-side update is expected to deploy in the next 24 hours or so, and although players will still be able to craft during this time, they won’t be able to equip any of these newly crafted weapons in-game (sorry, Guardian). 

There’s no specific deadline for when crafted weapons will be re-enabled, either, but Bungie says it hopes to do this step of the process “soon after the first”. 

Bungie also took the opportunity to remind players that anyone who “discovers an exploit in-game” will not be banned or subject to in-game restrictions, but the “use of external scripting and network manipulation tools are still bannable offenses and subject to security review”.

If it’s been some time since you last jumped into Bungie’s huge (and hugely complex) sci-fi shooter, Destiny 2’s game director Joe Blackburn recently promised a free PvP map next year following the negative response to a recent State of the Game post where Bungie stated that the studio didn’t have the resources to release more than one PvP map per calendar year. 

As you can expect, the post didn’t go down all too well with the community – Bungie is owned by megacorp Sony, after all – and Blackburn apologized to Destiny 2 players.

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