Facebook makes it easier to earn money from Reels online

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Meta has updated its professional mode setting to help its users monetize the content they create.

Some of the new features available now allow content creators to build a public following, boost SEO, and earn money from various programs on existing Facebook profiles.

With building an online presence in mind, the Facebook tool also includes analytics and enhanced well-being features to help users stay safe on the social media platform.

Professional mode for all creators 

Meta started testing professional mode back in 2021, and is currently still working on new formats for users to earn money for the reels they share. This includes the testing of Ads on Facebook Reels on professional mode, as well as a new subscription model similar to YouTube.

Right now, US creators are able to apply to join a feature called “Reel Play” on Facebook, which is a bonus program that enables users to get paid for reels uploaded onto the platform.

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“Professional mode allows you to build a global audience of followers, while still staying connected to friends and family from your personal Facebook profile. As you post public content, you’ll have access to features designed to help you obtain and engage new followers – that were previously only available on Pages,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

Creators on the professional mode setting also get access to a profile category directly on each individual’s profile, which will enable the brand created by the user to appear under their name when people search on Facebook.

Subscriptions are being introduced and tested on professional mode to allow fans to level-up their support for you and your work, and provide you the opportunity to build deeper connections with your most loyal followers by sharing subscriber-only content.

In the same way a website builder service offers a dashboard to keep track of a site’s performance, Meta has also introduced “Professional Dashboard”, a one-stop hub that allows users to view audience and profile insights, as well as the performance of the content created and uploaded.

Additionally, Meta has updated its scheduling software, Post Composer, to allow its users to create a timetable for uploading content.

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Via TechCrunch

En İyi Ev Ses Sistemi,
Ev Ses Sistemleri Online,
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