Galaxy users claim they’re running into infamous green line problem after update

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Galaxy users are seeing green – literally. Several reports have recently cropped up online from people complaining about a vertical green line appearing on their smartphone. It’s unknown if this is a widespread issue or just a localized problem. What is known is it is affecting multiple models. News site Android Authority in their report says they found social media posts of the line appearing on the screens of the Galaxy S21 FE and the S21 Ultra. SamMobile, in their coverage, calls out even more devices including the Galaxy A73, M21, and the entire S22 series.

Luckily, the phones still function as normal. The device isn’t dead, but a big green line is cutting down the middle of the screen, which is annoying. No one really knows what’s causing the error in the first place, but the finger is being pointed at a recent Samsung patch: either the “One UI 6.0 or the April 2024 security update.” It could be some sort of glitch, although pinning it on the software is a little dubious.

Green lines are typically the symptom of a faulty connection between the display and the hardware. They can show up as a result of physical damage either from someone dropping their phone or bending the screen way too far. Overheating is another possibility.

Recurring problem

Normally, blaming a bad connection due to damage is enough to call the case closed, but it is not the first time green lines have appeared on Galaxy phones. You can go back months or years and find people running into the same problem. A Facebook poster back in 2023 saw the issue arise on their Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Earlier in the year on the official Samsung forums, user Qu1JcMmacCO shared the experience of seeing the line on their Galaxy S24 Ultra. What’s interesting is these two as well as others all claim they received the screen defect after updating their smartphone.

So, what gives? This many people blaming firmware updates can’t just be a coincidence. Well, one theory argues the green line is caused by both the software and hardware and that these patches cause Galaxy phones to run so hot that it damages the connection between the display and the chipset.

Possibly fixable

It’s important to mention Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer guilty of this. Green lines have also been seen on OnePlus devices, though the problem seems to be more pronounced on Galaxies.

If you run into the glitch, you can try to fix it yourself. Another user on the Samsung forums posted a guide on how to get rid of the line with multiple solutions, one of which involves rebooting your phone in safe mode. You can try to ask Samsung for repairs, although the company or its partners may not be willing to help. One customer tried to receive assistance with the green line on their Galaxy S24 only to be met with unhelpful support.

We reached out to Samsung for comment, but have yet to hear back. We’ll update this story if we learn anything new.

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