Is this the best time ever for iPhone deals at Verizon? Multiple devices are free without the need for an annoying trade

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If you’ve been eying up an iPhone at Verizon, right now is a great time to consider picking up a deal. As well as several large trade-in rebates from the carrier, there are also an increasing number of promotions not tied to that usual criteria.

For example, right now, you don’t need a trade-in to get the standard iPhone 15 for free alongside a new line on a Verizon Unlimited Ultimate plan. If you pick one up on this admittedly pricey plan you’ll be entitled to a full $829 saving, which will cover the entire cost of the device over 36 months.

If you’d prefer to go for a cheaper option, then you can also get the excellent iPhone 14 Plus for free alongside the basic Welcome Unlimited plan. The iPhone 14 Plus still holds up great in 2024 so this one is an easy recommendation if you’re looking to save a bit of cash on your phone bill.

Aside from discounts on devices, there are also a few other great Verizon iPhone deals floating around right now. 

For example, you can also get an iPad for free and an Apple Watch for just $5 per month alongside your unlimited plan. These are optional, however, since you’ll need to pay for accessory cellular lines separately to your phone – which usually cost $7.50/mo for smartwatches and $15/mo for tablets. 

You can also throw in a free 65-inch 4K TV right now, although that this deal isn’t stackable with the phone savings.

Check out our favorite deals at Verizon in more detail just below or head on over to our main iPhone deals page for options from other carriers. 

Awesome iPhone deals at Verizon

Apple iPhone 15: free with an unlimited data plan, plus free iPad at Verizon
One of the best Verizon deals this week – and one of the best iPhone 15 deals you’ll find anywhere – is this awesome promo on the standard device. No trade-ins are needed to get the iPhone 15 for free on an unlimited data plan – only a new line. In addition, there are some superb device deals available that allow you to claim a free iPad and get an Apple Watch for just $5 per month. Note, however, that you will need to pay for additional device cellular lines if you claim these gifts.View Deal

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade, plus a free iPad at Verizon
If you’d prefer to go for one of the more premium devices in the range, you’ll also find great Verizon deals on the Pro and Pro Max. The biggest savings here are locked behind a trade-in rebate – but the maximum discount of $1,000 is one of the biggest you’ll find anywhere. If you’d prefer not to trade in, note that you can still get $650 off with a new line and you’re also eligible to throw in a free iPad worth $280 if you’re willing to pay for additional cellular lines. See this deal on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. View Deal

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: free with an unlimited data plan, or free 65-inch TV
Verizon’s deals on the latest iPhone 15 series are the headline offers but don’t discount the carrier’s promotions on the older models. Both the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 are available for free right now with a new unlimited data line. The plan criteria needed to get the 14 series devices for free is a little looser than on the 15 series – meaning you don’t need one of the super-expensive plans to be eligible. Alternatively, you can throw in a free 65-inch TV if you’d prefer to opt for a freebie instead of a phone discount.

Also available on the iPhone 14 at Verizon View Deal

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