Make A Splash: The Best Lemonade Cups On The Market

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As we welcome the balmy breeze of summer, nothing complements the sun-soaked afternoons better than a refreshing glass of lemonade. But let’s be honest, a perfect summer experience hinges on more than just the drink itself—it’s about the cup you’re sipping from as well. 

Whether you’re a backyard picnic enthusiast or a beachside connoisseur, a good lemonade cup can elevate your summertime refreshment game to new heights. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the best lemonade cups available on the market, helping you to add that extra splash to your summer fun.

Lemonade Cups Comparison [year]

  • Best For Outdoor Use: Upper Midland Products Lemonade Cups Paper
  • Best For Party: Blulu 60 Pieces Lemon Party Plastic Cups
  • Best For Long Use: Whaline Lemon Daisy Glasses Cup
  • Best Set: Meanplan 16 oz Lemonade Cups
  • Best For Eco-Friendly: ARTENIUM Lemonade Stand Supplies

Lemonade Cups Reviews [year]

Best For Outdoor Use – Upper Midland Products Lemonade Cups Paper

71dKBSESFeL. AC SL1500
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Upper Midland Products Lemonade Cups truly stand out in the crowd. As we used these cups, we noticed just how well-made they are — sturdy and designed to last, making them perfect for those backyard summer picnics. 

They are not only practical but also thoughtfully designed. These are not your average cups; Upper Midland has packed these cups with features that are truly useful and necessary. Every detail seems to exude intention and purpose. Be it a health-focused green juice or a delightful lemonade, these cups serve your goals right. 

In short, Upper Midland Lemonade Cups align perfectly with what we value: quality, functionality, and intentional design.


  • Well-made and durable: These cups are constructed to last, making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • Thoughtful design: Each feature is carefully thought out to serve a practical purpose, making the cups highly functional.
  • Purposeful: They cater to various needs, be it serving a healthful green juice or a refreshing lemonade.


  • Single size option: As of now, they only come in one size. However, it is a standard size that caters to most drink servings.

Best For Party – Blulu 60 Pieces Lemon Party Plastic Cups

71UlYHRGl5L. AC SL1500
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We recently purchased the Blulu 60 Pieces Lemon Party Plastic Cups and were thoroughly impressed. The quantity was more than adequate for our large summer gathering, and the quality was top-notch. 

Made of sturdy PET plastic, these cups were reliable and durable, showing no signs of leakage or breakage. The cute lemon design added a bright, fresh touch to our party, while the 16oz capacity was perfect for serving a wide variety of drinks. 

Our guests loved the lively theme and the cups ended up being a memorable part of our party decor. We’ve found them to be versatile for a range of events – from beach parties to baby showers. We would definitely recommend these cups to anyone planning a summer event.


  • Abundant quantity: With 60 cups in one pack, it is an excellent choice for parties and large gatherings.
  • Quality material: The cups are made from sturdy PET plastic, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Attractive design: The fresh lemon pattern adds a vibrant and lively touch to any event.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of events, from themed parties to casual get-togethers.


  • Size might not be adequate for all: While we found the 16 oz capacity to be convenient, some might prefer larger cups.

Best For Long Use – Whaline Lemon Daisy Glasses Cup

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We absolutely adore the Whaline Lemon Daisy Glasses Cup set. The delightful lemon and daisy flower design adds a touch of summer to our beverages, instantly lifting our mood. The quality of the glass material, along with the bamboo lids, is impressive, promising longevity. The 16oz capacity is perfect for our favorite drinks, hot or cold. Not only are these glasses suitable for everyday use, but they also make an excellent gift for various occasions. 

However, we do caution to hand wash these beauties as they are not suitable for a dishwasher or high-temperature machines. Overall, these glasses truly brighten up our drinkware collection.


  • Delightful lemon and daisy design offers a summer vibe.
  • High-quality glass material with sturdy bamboo lids ensures durability.
  • Adequate 16oz capacity suitable for all types of beverages.
  • Versatile use – ideal for daily use, travel, or as a charming gift.
  • Comes with convenient cleaning brushes.


  • Not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe.
  • Surface can be scratched if cleaned with force.

Best Set – Meanplan 16 oz Lemonade Cups

81JMeigyVyL. AC SL1500
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We are thoroughly impressed with the Meanplan 16 oz Lemonade Cups. The package’s completeness—providing 100 cups, straws, and lids—satisfies all our party needs. The bright, lemon-themed design brings a delightful summer vibe, perfect for our lemonade stands and summer gatherings. 

We found the cups’ quality outstanding—sturdy, well-printed, and resistant to leaks. The plastic straws and lids provided added sturdiness which we appreciated, and we found them difficult to break, ensuring the safety of our guests. 

The cup size is also ideal, accommodating a generous amount of beverage. We’ve used them for serving not only lemonade but also iced coffee, soda, and juices in various events. They’ve certainly brightened up our parties and made serving drinks much more convenient. We highly recommend Meanplan 16 oz Lemonade Cups for anyone looking to enhance their party or event!


  • Comprehensive Package: The package includes 100 cups, straws, and lids, making it a one-stop solution for party beverage needs.
  • Attractive Design: Bright lemon-themed design adds a fun and festive touch to any event.
  • High Quality: Cups are sturdy, well-printed, and leakproof, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


  • Material Considerations: While the paper cups are of high quality, those with strong environmental concerns might prefer completely plastic-free alternatives.

Best For Eco-Friendly – ARTENIUM Lemonade Stand Supplies

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We at ARTENIUM are immensely proud of our Lemonade Stand Supplies. Boasting 60 disposable 12oz cups, sustainable straws, and lids, our kit has been designed with both convenience and the environment in mind. 

Our comprehensive kit, with its attractive lemon-themed design, has consistently delighted kids and added a fun element to their lemonade stands. The high-quality, biodegradable material of our cups not only ensures durability but also contributes towards a greener Earth. Lightweight and portable, these cups are perfect for outdoor events, be it a picnic, a BBQ, or a camping adventure. 

Furthermore, the vibrant and whimsical design of the cups adds a playful touch to any gathering. Order our ARTENIUM Lemonade Stand Kit today and watch as your lemonade stand becomes the talk of the town!


  • Eco-Friendly: All components of the kit, including cups, straws, and lids, are biodegradable and compostable, promoting a greener Earth.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The kit includes everything you need for a lemonade stand, including lemon-themed cups, straws, and decorative elements. 
  • Vibrant Design: The bright, lemon-themed design adds a playful touch to any event or gathering.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The cups are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor events such as picnics, BBQs, or camping adventures.


  • Disposable: While convenient, the disposable nature of the components may require regular restocking if you have a busy lemonade stand.

Upper Midland Products Lemonade Cups

81H0Q3MvvCL. AC SL1500
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At Upper Midland Products, we take pride in providing the perfect lemonade cups for your beverage needs. Designed with function and practicality in mind, our cups are sturdy, water-resistant and food safe. We understand the importance of convenience, especially for bustling food service operations, catering companies, or even lemonade stands. That’s why our cups are effortless to use and easy to dispose of. 

The 50-pack set ensures you are well-prepared for any event, while the 12-ounce sizing makes it an ideal choice for various beverages, not just lemonade. With our lemonade cups, you can focus on what truly matters – delivering outstanding service and refreshing beverages to your customers.


  • High Functionality: Our cups are designed to be sturdy and water-resistant, ensuring your beverages stay intact.
  • Convenient Pack Size: The 50-pack set makes it ideal for catering to larger crowds without the worry of running out of cups.
  • Ease of Use: Disposable for easy clean up after parties or events.
  • Versatility: While perfect for lemonade, these 12-ounce cups can be used for other beverages as well.


  • Disposable Nature: While convenient, the cups are single-use, which might not align with sustainability goals. However, we ensure that the materials used in production are recyclable to minimize environmental impact.

JOLLY CHEF 12 oz Champagne Gold Plastic Cups

81EDzQLoGgL. AC SL1500
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We recently used the JOLLY CHEF 12 oz Champagne Gold Plastic Cups at our office holiday party and were extremely pleased with their performance. The golden sparkles added a touch of elegance to our event, making it feel more festive and special. Made of durable polystyrene, these cups were not easily scratched or broken despite being handled by a large number of people. 

What we appreciated the most was the convenience they offered. The disposable design meant clean-up afterwards was a breeze. Finally, the after-sales service was prompt and satisfactory, ensuring our order arrived in perfect condition. We would recommend these cups to anyone in need of stylish and durable cups for any occasion.


  • The JOLLY CHEF 12 oz Champagne Gold Plastic Cups have a beautiful glittery design that adds an elegant touch to any event. 
  • Made of durable polystyrene, these cups are hard and durable, providing superior strength.
  • The disposable design not only makes clean-up a breeze, but also provides a convenient dining solution for any venue.
  • The packaging is robust, ensuring the cups arrive in excellent condition.


  • Despite their durability, they are still plastic cups, which may not be suitable for hot beverages. 

PARTYHIPPO Party Hippo Disposable Cups

617AhwctETL. AC SL1500
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We’ve had a fantastic experience with PARTYHIPPO Party Hippo Disposable Cups. The variety of patterns not only adds a fun element to our gatherings, but it also helps us avoid mix-ups. The smart lid design ensures no spills and provides the flexibility to use a straw or drink directly. 

What impressed us most was the sturdy construction of these cups – these aren’t your standard throw-away cups. We’ve even microwaved them with no issues and cleaned them in the dishwasher! 

Moreover, the BPA-free material gives us peace of mind about the safety of using these cups. They’ve proved to be great not just for drinks, but also for serving snacks like fruit, pasta, and candies at our picnics and parties. We highly recommend the PARTYHIPPO Cups.


  • Comes with 5 different patterns, making it easy to distinguish between cups at parties
  • The lid is well designed to avoid leaks and spills
  • The thicker construction of the cups makes them sturdy and reusable
  • Safe for use in microwave and dishwasher
  • Made from BPA-free Polypropylene material, posing no harmful effects
  • Versatile enough to be used not just for drinks, but also for holding snacks 


  • The cups, despite being leak-proof, still require careful handling to prevent spillage from the top when used without a lid.

Sabary Store Clear Plastic Cups

71W6ZSc 7wL. AC SL1500
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We found the Sabary Store Clear Plastic Cups to be a great addition to our party supplies. The set comes with 100 cups and lids, providing plenty for all of our guests. We also loved the fun fruit themed design which added a touch of color and playfulness to our event. 

The quality material used for these cups makes them durable and suitable for both hot and cold drinks, making them versatile for any occasion. The proper size and airtight lids also made them easy to use and transport. 

Overall, we highly recommend the Sabary Store Clear Plastic Cups for any party or gathering.  So, it can be said that these cups are suitable for use in various occasions and provide great value for the price.


  • Versatile: Can be used for a variety of hot or cold drinks.
  • Quality Material: Made of hard and thick polypropylene material which can withstand high temperatures and is microwave safe.
  • Sufficient Quantity: Comes in a set of 100 cups and lids, ample for several gatherings.
  • Fruit Themed Design: Adds an element of fun and color to any event.
  • Proper Size: The size of the cups and the diameter of the mouth makes them easy to use and handle.


  • Material: Being made of plastic, they may not be the most eco-friendly choice.

Umigy Disposable Cups

81WpbpAPRtL. AC SL1500
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As a team that values convenience and quality, we find the Umigy Disposable Cups a game-changer. With a generous pack of 100 sets, these cups have been a dependable resource for our daily needs and large gatherings. The safety and durability of these cups are matchless – they are made of robust and non-toxic plastic, ensuring a worry-free usage experience. 

Their size and capacity are ideal, easily accommodating a variety of beverages. These cups have proven their versatility, being a perfect fit for our coffee breaks, family reunions, and even professional events. 

The best part is the easy clean-up after; these disposable cups save us significant time and effort. Overall, we highly recommend Umigy Disposable Cups for their superior quality and convenience.


  • Convenience: The set comes with 100 cups, lids, and straws, ready for immediate use for gatherings or daily needs.
  • Quality Material: Made from reliable, non-toxic plastic, these cups are thick, sturdy, and not prone to deformation.
  • Versatility: Ideal size and capacity for various beverages, and can also be used as snack or dessert cups.
  • Time-Saving: Being disposable, these cups allow for easy clean-up, saving valuable time during events.


  • Cold Beverages Only: These cups are best suited for cold drinks. Hot beverages might not be ideal due to the plastic material.

Tessco Lemonade Cups

81db0 bviSL. AC SL1500
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We’ve been using Tessco Lemonade Cups extensively for our summer parties and daily use. The package includes a generous amount of 50 sets—that’s 150 pieces of disposable paper cups with flat lids and paper straws. 

We’re impressed by the reliability of the materials; the cups are sturdy and leak-proof which gives a premium feel to our beverages. The 24 oz capacity is just perfect for serving a variety of drinks from iced coffee to beer. What stands out is the wide range of applications these cups offer; they’re not only great for parties but also ideal for everyday use at home or business. 

Best of all, these cups are disposable which saves us a lot of time and energy in cleaning up after the parties. All in all, we highly recommend Tessco Lemonade Cups for their quality, versatility, and convenience.


  • Generous Quantity: The package includes 50 sets, providing a total of 150 pieces. This ample amount is perfect for hosting large parties or for everyday use.
  • Durable Material: Made from quality paper, these cups are solid and not easy to break. The material does not become soft easily, ensuring a pleasant drinking experience.
  • Versatile for Different Beverages: With a capacity of 24 oz, the cups can hold a variety of drinks, from iced coffee to soda to beer.
  • Ideal for Various Occasions: These cups are suitable for a wide range of events – from family gatherings and birthday parties to use in restaurants and bars.
  • Time-Saving: Being disposable, these cups are easy to dispose of after use, saving valuable time and energy on cleaning.   


  • Not Suitable for Hot Drinks: The cups are ideal for cold drinks, but the paper material might not hold up well with hot beverages.

Zubebe 12oz Lemonade Plastic Cups

71Sdb4pbhbL. AC SL1500
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As avid party-goers and event organizers, we absolutely love the Zubebe 12oz Lemonade Plastic Cups. With 200 pieces in each pack, we’ve always got plenty to go around, and the four pastel colors – pink, blue, yellow, and purple – add a bright and cheerful touch to any gathering. What really sets these cups apart is the cute smile face pattern; it always brings a smile to our faces, and our guests love it too! 

As for durability, we’ve never had a problem. They’re made from quality plastic that’s thick enough to hold everything from milkshakes to ice-cold lemonade. Plus, they’re reusable if you’ve got the time to wash up, or disposable if you don’t. We’ve used them for birthdays, weddings, office parties, and even just daily office use. All in all, the Zubebe 12oz Lemonade Plastic Cups are a hit in our book!


  • Comes in a generous pack of 200 cups, ensuring you’re always prepared for any gathering.
  • Features four vibrant pastel colors (pink, blue, yellow, purple) that add a festive touch to any event.
  • Adorned with a cute smile face pattern, enhancing the cheerful ambiance of your party.
  • Made of sturdy, quality plastic, capable of holding a variety of drinks, from milkshakes to lemonades.
  • Offers the convenience of being reusable or disposable – it’s completely up to you!


  • Light-weight plastic may not be suitable for hot beverages.

Umigy Lemon Cups Paper 8 oz

812aWztiI+L. AC SL1500
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We’ve used the Umigy Lemon Cups at several gatherings and they’ve never disappointed. With a pack of 100, we were assured of ample supply for our guests. The vibrant, watercolor-style lemon designs are an absolute hit, offering a delightful summer feel. The cups are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also remarkably sturdy, ensuring no leaks or breaks during our events. 

What impressed us the most was their versatility. Beyond drinks, they served as wonderful snack cups and even as desk organizers. These cups truly add value to any party or event, blending functionality and flair.


  • Quantity: With 100 cups per pack, there’s always enough to go around at any event.
  • Design: The bright and vibrant lemon theme adds a refreshing summery touch.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from high-quality paper, these cups are hardy and won’t leak or break easily.
  • Versatile: These cups are not just for beverages; they can be used as snack cups, mouthwash cups, and more.


  • Disposable: While convenient for cleaning up, frequent usage can contribute to environmental waste. However, this can be managed with proper waste disposal and recycling measures.

Geeklife Gold Lemon Paper Party Cups

51tA6DlUngL. AC SL1000
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We’ve found the Geeklife Gold Lemon Paper Party Cups to be not only visually appealing but also impressively functional. The lemon style, adorned with a hint of gold foil, adds a refreshingly noble and stylish touch to any party setting. 

We were particularly impressed by their eco-friendly nature, being constructed from 100% biodegradable wood pulp. This feature aligns perfectly with our commitment to reduce plastic consumption and promote sustainability. The convenience they offer is another major plus point. The post-party cleanup was a breeze – we simply disposed of the cups, no laborious washing up required. 

Plus, the pack of 40 cups, each holding 9 fluid oz, proved sufficient for our small family gatherings. Overall, we would definitely recommend these cups for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their party while also staying eco-conscious.


  • Eco-friendly: Made from 100% biodegradable wood pulp, contributing to a reduction in plastic consumption.
  • Stylish design: The lemon style with gold foil accents brings a unique, attractive aesthetic to any party.
  • Easy cleanup: These cups are disposable, making post-party cleanup quick and simple.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for various occasions such as baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, and more.
  • Generous pack size: With 40 cups in each pack, it’s suitable for small to medium-sized gatherings.


  • Handwash only: These cups are not suitable for dishwasher use, which can be a minor inconvenience for some.

MCHIVER Lemon Lemonade Tumbler

617ff1OdT0L. AC SL1500
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We have found the MCHIVER Lemon Lemonade Tumbler to be an exquisite piece of design and functionality. The use of high-quality food-grade materials speaks volumes about its durability and safety. The exceptional temperature retention capability, keeping drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for a staggering 18 hours, is truly impressive. The splash-proof lid and the inclusion of two reusable straws make it user-friendly and hygienic. 

Moreover, the noiseless handling and sweat-free design add to the overall user experience. Keeping in mind its optimal sizing fitting most cup holders, we believe it’s a versatile choice for various settings, be it home, office, or outdoor events. We highly recommend the MCHIVER Lemon Lemonade Tumbler for its quality, design, and practicality.


  • Made with high-quality food-grade materials ensuring durability and safety.
  • Excellent temperature retention, hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 18 hours.
  • User-friendly featuring a splash-proof lid and two reusable straws.
  • Noiseless handling and sweat-free design for a superior user experience.
  • Versatile and practical dimensions, fitting most cup holders and suitable for various settings.


  • The vibrant color and patterns might not be everyone’s preference.

Plastic vs. Paper Lemonade Cups: A Comparison

When planning a lemonade stand or any beverage-centric event, the choice of serving cups can be a crucial decision. This comparison will dive into the pros and cons of plastic versus paper lemonade cups, considering factors such as environmental impact, practicality, and overall user experience.

Lemonade Cups

Plastic Lemonade Cups

Plastic lemonade cups are a popular choice due to their durability and resistance to leakage. They are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport, especially for events like picnics or outdoor parties. Moreover, they are generally more affordable than their paper counterparts, making them a cost-effective option for large-scale events. However, the environmental impact of plastic cups is a significant drawback. These cups are not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to pollution and waste.

Paper Lemonade Cups

Paper lemonade cups, on the other hand, are a more environmentally friendly option. These cups are often made from recycled materials and are biodegradable, reducing their impact on the environment. They offer a more sustainable alternative to plastic cups, aligning with the growing consumer trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. However, paper cups have their own set of drawbacks. They are less durable than plastic cups and more prone to leakage, especially when used for an extended period. Furthermore, they are generally more expensive, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious event organizers.

How to Choose the Best Lemonade Cups for Your Event

When planning an event, choosing the right lemonade cups can be a balancing act between cost, durability, and environmental impact. Your choice can significantly affect not only the experience of your guests but also the footprint of your event.

Lemonade Cups

Consider Your Budget

Firstly, your budget plays a crucial role in determining the type of lemonade cups you should opt for. Plastic cups are generally less expensive and can be a better choice if you are planning a large event with a tight budget. However, if you are willing to spend a little extra for environmental sustainability, paper cups could be a better option.

Consider The Duration of The Event

The duration of your event is another factor to consider. If it’s a short event, paper cups could be a feasible option as they are less likely to leak in a shorter time frame. However, for longer events, plastic cups might be more suitable because they are more resistant to leakage.

Consider The Theme of The Event

The theme of your event can also influence your decision. If you’re organizing an eco-friendly event or one that promotes sustainability, paper cups are an obvious choice. They send a strong message about your commitment to environmental stewardhood.

Consider Your Audience

Your audience’s preferences and values are also important. Are your guests more likely to appreciate the durability and convenience of plastic cups, or would they prefer the eco-friendliness of paper cups? You might want to consider conducting a quick survey to assess their preferences.

Consider The Disposal Facilities

Finally, consider the disposal facilities available at your event venue. If there are facilities for recycling or composting, paper cups might be a good choice. However, if there aren’t adequate disposal facilities, you might have to opt for plastic cups to prevent leakage and mess during the event.

FAQs about Lemonade Cups

Are paper lemonade cups eco-friendly?

Yes, paper lemonade cups are generally more environmentally friendly than plastic cups. They often are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable, which can lessen their environmental impact.

Are plastic lemonade cups more durable than paper cups?

Yes, plastic cups are typically more durable than paper cups. They resist leakage better and are well-suited for longer events where a more sturdy cup is necessary.

Can paper cups hold up well at longer events?

While paper cups may not have the same durability as plastic cups, they can still work well for shorter events. Their biodegradability makes them a great choice for environmentally conscious event organizers.

Do plastic lemonade cups contribute to pollution?

While it’s true that plastic cups can contribute to pollution due to their long decomposition times, responsible disposal and recycling can help mitigate this impact.

Are paper lemonade cups more expensive than plastic ones?

While paper cups can be slightly more expensive than plastic ones, their environmental benefits can make them worth the extra cost for those prioritizing sustainability.


In conclusion, the choice between plastic and paper lemonade cups essentially boils down to a balance between cost, durability, and environmental sustainability. While plastic cups may be slightly more durable and affordable, the environmental advantages of paper cups are undeniable. 

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Upper Midland Products’ paper lemonade cups, made from recycled materials, offer a sustainable, biodegradable option that aligns perfectly with the growing demand for eco-friendly products. Despite being slightly more expensive, they provide an excellent solution for those seeking to minimize their environmental impact without sacrificing quality and user experience. 

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