Motorola’s new mid-range wearable may be a worthy rival for the Galaxy Fit 3

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Motorola expands its mid-range smartwatch series with an even cheaper option: the Moto Watch 40.

The new wearable is nearly identical to last year’s model, the Moto Watch 70, sporting all the same features. It comes equipped with multiple sensors for keeping track of your sleeping patterns and heart rate. There’s even a pedometer on board. When it comes to heart rate monitoring, the Moto Watch 40 will track it 24 hours a day. It then takes this data to generate a chart showing how everyday activities affect your heart in detail. The info can be seen on the smartwatch’s display or the Moto Watch Lite app for Android and iOS. Speaking of software, the device can integrate with Google Fit, allowing you to send all of your data to the platform and share it with other health-centric apps. 

Moto Watch 40 different colors

(Image credit: Motorola)

Like the older wearable, the Moto Watch 40 boasts a 10-day battery life although its longevity can differ depending on how often you use it. Charging the device is lightning fast as it takes about 25 minutes to get a full battery. Other notable features include Smart Notifications to receive messages from your favorite app plus a resistance rating of IP67 ensuring complete protection against dust and splashes of water. 

The only major difference between this and the previous generation is the screen. It has a rectangular 1.57-inch LCD screen while the Watch 70 has a square-shaped 1.69-inch display. You can purchase the Moto Watch 40 right now for $64.99 in either Phantom Black or Rose Gold on Motorola’s website.

Analysis: Battle of the mid-rangers

The launch of this wearable comes at an interesting time because, very recently, information leaked for Samsung’s future mid-range smartwatch: the Galaxy Fit 3. According to Android Central, the device is slated to house an impressive 1.6-inch AMOLED, a resistance rating of IP68, meaning it can survive being submerged underwater, and have 13 days of battery life. It’ll certainly give the Moto Watch 40 a run for its money, but we think Motorola’s smartwatch has a solid chance against it.

For starters, the Galaxy Fit 3 is more expensive at $99 a pop. What’s more, it seems people really enjoy cheap smartwatches. At the time of this writing, the Moto Watch 70 is completely sold out on the company’s online store, and it costs $80. Now we have a nearly identical device at an even lower price. Perhaps the Watch 40 will become an unexpected hit with consumers. Unless, of course, the Galaxy Fit 3 pulls out all the stops by offering a superior package well worth its $100 price tag.

With all that said, if you’re in the market for a new wearable, check out TechRadar’s list of the best smartwatches for 2024

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