Ninja’s new Double Stack air fryer looks so good, I nearly stole it from their demo room

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Look, I already know what you’re going to say – how can I possibly be this excited by an air fryer?

Well, when it’s time for Ninja to roll out a new game-changer, I don’t think you can blame me. At Shark Ninja’s EMEA Launch event, I got up close and personal with some of the latest and greatest products from the lifestyle giant, but without a doubt, the new Ninja Double Stack air fryer stands above even some of the best air fryers. In fact, if I’d had enough room in my suitcase, I would have absolutely tried to stash it and take it home there and then. (AN: I am not prone to theft)

Quite literally, too, because this dual-zone air fryer stacks its two drawers on top of each other, saving precious space on your countertops while still delivering the same delicious results and high capacity as some of Ninja’s other dual-zone air fryers.

Go Dual Zone or go home

Let’s briefly pause to explain the benefit of dual zone air fryers. Typically, with the exception of products like Ninja’s 10.4L Dual Zone air fryer and its convertible MegaZone basket, this form factor features two adjacent baskets, allowing you to cook different dishes at the same time. 

By nature, then, these air fryers end up being a lot wider than the standard, smaller air fryers that have risen to popularity in recent years. While double-drawer air fryers are also increasingly popular, they’re getting progressively bigger as air fryer technology is stretched to the limits of what capacity mini-cookers can heat up while still promising faster cooking times.

So, for people like me with smaller kitchens, the Ninja Double Stack air fryer an absolute game-changer, taking up far less real estate than its dual-zone competitors; and even some single-basket options. While the smaller, SL300 model’s 7.6L capacity is spread across two baskets and thus may be a little small for cooking larger cuts of meat and bigger portions, the SL400, 9.5L Double Stack air fryer offers plenty of room.

What I was most impressed by was the inclusion of two extra oven racks, giving you even further verticality. I cook a lot of sides and tapas dishes in my air fryer, and having the option to keep these separate and offer even crisping by keeping foods from being piled up will invariably offer better results.

Ninja Double Stack air fryer, with Shark Ninja team member holding one of the baskets

(Image credit: Future)

The Ninja Double Stack air fryer offers much the same features and functionality as the rest of Ninja’s air fryers, but it certainly looks different; and not just due to its height. 

The controls for the machine are mounted to the side of the drawers, which does look a little weird, but means you don’t have to worry about the machine having overhead clearance when in use. The machine is short enough to fit most standard cupboard heights, too, and is relatively lightweight if you still want to keep those counters clear.

Otherwise, the Double Stack air fryer offers much the same benefits as Ninja’s other mini cookers; non-stick ceramic coating, six different modes of cooking (Air Fry, Max Crisp, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate), and the ability to sync cooking times across its two drawers.

The Ninja Double Stack air fryer isn’t available just yet, and we don’t have pricing information yet either, but we’ll be sure to hop on the news as soon as it arrives, along with updates on all of the many other products Shark Ninja announced this week. Given how many people I speak to who say the only reason they don’t have an air fryer is due to the space required, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a sellout product, so keep an eye out on TechRadar for the latest Shark Ninja news.

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