NYT Connections answers today for October 10

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The NYT Connections answers for today (October 10), along with our hints as to the categories, will help you solve today’s puzzle, which looks set to be a fairly tricky one.

You get four mistakes in NYT Connections and must work out each group, one at a time. They all have different difficulties too, meaning you can slowly whittle away the options of each puzzle, making things steadily easier for yourself. It’s a little more involved than something like Wordle, and there are plenty of opportunities for the game to trip you up with tricks.

While the core puzzles that feature in Connections can be easy on some days, others can be very tricky indeed. That’s where we come in, as we’ve included some Connections hints and clues for today’s puzzle below. If you really can’t work things out, don’t fret, as you’ll find the answer in this article as well. Keep reading for today’s Connections hints and answers.

NYT Connections hints for October 10 (#121)

Here’s some NYT Connections hints for October 10. We’ll start off by giving you the groups in escalating difficulty so that you can start piecing things together.

  • Origin – Yellow group
  • Bible Books  – Green group
  • N.H.L Teams – Blue group
  • Power ___ – Purple group

NYT Connections answers for October 10 (#121)

If you still can’t work out today’s Connections solution, you’ll find the answers below:

  • Origin – Seed, Germ, Genesis, Source
  • Bible Books  – Job, Mark, Kings, Acts
  • N.H.L Teams – Kraken, Flames, Stars, Wild
  • Power ___ – Trip, Nap, Ranger, Plant

The NYT Connections puzzle for October 10, 2023

(Image credit: NYT)

Today’s Connections puzzle is not too challenging, and there are a few categories you should be able to tick off the board right away. There aren’t any curveballs to slip you up, it’s just a case of figuring out the rather ambiguous categories like “Pointers” and the “Animal coverings”. Generally, you shouldn’t struggle too much though. 

How to play NYT Connections

To play NYT Connections, you ultimately need to find groups of four items that share something in common. Select these four items and press ‘Submit’ to see if you’re correct. You have four mistakes, and need to find the groups before you’ve used all of them up. Here are some category examples:

  • Fish: Bass, Flounder, Salmon Trout
  • Fire _: Ant, Drill, Island, Opal

Categories will always be more specific than things like the number of letters in the words, or broader links like names and verbs. Finally, each group is assigned a color, indicating its difficulty. From least difficult to most difficult, the colors go Yellow, Green, Blue, and then Purple. Try to guess the groups before you run out of mistakes!

The NYT answers for September 25, arranged into their categories

(Image credit: The New York Times)

What time does NYT Connections reset?

The daily NYT Connections puzzle will reset at midnight local time. Recently this has been happening just a few minutes past 12 AM, but by the time you wake up, there will be a new puzzle ready to go. If you want to stay up and catch it though, no one’s going to judge you.

That’s the NYT Connections answers for October 10. For more word game fun, be sure to take a look at our best Wordle starting words. We’ll be covering the answers each day, so check back in if you need more help solving a puzzle.

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