Power up your podcasts with the exceptional RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro II

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If you’re serious about your podcasts, you need the hardware that serious podcasters love: the RØDECaster. It’s preferred by professional podcasters worldwide, and you’ll see it everywhere podcasts and other audio productions are made: in production studios, home studios and out in the field too. 

Whether it’s the brilliantly portable RØDECaster Duo or the incredibly powerful RØDECaster Pro II, you’re getting exceptional audio quality, superb studio quality processing and all the features you need to make even the most complex podcast a joy to make. 

In fact, the only difficult thing about making podcasts with the RØDECaster is deciding which one to buy, because they’re both exceptional.

Which RØDECaster is perfect for your podcast?

Both the RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro have the same core features that professional podcasters know and love. That means the same high performance quad-core audio engine, the same ultra-low noise, the same high gain Revolution preamps, the same support for microSD cards and USB SSDs, the same incredible audio quality and the same key features.

Those features include a built-in wireless receiver for connecting RØDE Series 4 wireless mics; Bluetooth connectivity for including phone calls; dual USB-C interfaces for connecting computers, smartphones and [RØDE USB mics] too. You can connect most current RØDE USB microphones, including the PodMic USB, NT-USB+, NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG, VideoMic GO II, XCM-50 and XDM-100..

RØDECaster Duo in operation

(Image credit: RØDE)

That’s not all. The RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro also have three virtual faders; custom routing and mixing that you can save as “shows” for easy recall whenever you want them; and RØDE’s exceptional studio quality on-board digital sound processor. 

That means whichever RØDECaster you choose, you’re getting stunning sound quality and top-tier production tools. But there are some key differences that mean the two RØDECaster models are particularly great for specific kinds of podcasting

RØDECaster Duo: incredible audio that’s perfectly portable

RØDECaster Duo

(Image credit: RØDE)

When you’re looking for broadcast quality recording and production in a compact footprint, the RØDECaster Duo is the perfect podcasting partner for small spaces and new places. It contains everything you need to sound spectacular, and you can get set up in seconds thanks to its professionally tailored presets and VoxLab processing editor. The Duo also gets an extra connection: a convenient 3.5mm TRRS Headset Input for easy monitoring and input. 

The RØDECaster Duo is a great studio device, and we think it’s also an excellent option for anyone who needs to record or produce podcasts in the field or in places that aren’t already set up for audio recording or production. Simply take your RØDECaster Duo out of the box, connect your mics and you’re good to go.

One of the best things about the RØDECaster Duo is that its small size doesn’t mean you have to put up with fiddly faders or confusing controls. The RØDECaster Duo is as clearly laid out, as comfortable to control and as tactile to touch as its bigger sibling. Speaking of which…

RØDECaster Pro II: ultimate podcasting power

RØDECaster Pro II

(Image credit: RØDE)

The RØDECaster Pro II is the no-compromise podcasting platform for creative pros, giving you everything the RØDECaster Duo delivers plus some key upgrades. Like the Duo it can be used anywhere, but we think it’s particularly well suited to podcasts featuring more guests and more mics. And it’s clearly been designed with even more ambitious podcasts in mind, as you can see from its superb specification.

The RØDECaster Pro II has the same exceptional pre-amps, audio engine and DSP as the Duo, but it’s even more expandable and connectable: where the Duo has two XLR/TRS Combo inputs and two 1/4-inch headphone outputs, the Pro II has four; where the Duo has four physical faders, the Pro II has six; and where the Duo has six customisable Smart Pads, the Pro II has eight. It’s the ultimate podcasting production solution and ideal for home and commercial studios alike.

One of the things we love most about the RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro II is that they’re suitable for podcasters at every level from recording rookie to podcast pro. That’s because they’ve been designed with the ultimate flexibility in mind: you can take them out of the box and get sensational results straight-away, and more advanced users can take full advantage of their powerful processing, extensive customisability and pro-level feature set. 

With superior sound quality, endless customisability and unmatched ease of use, the RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro II are the only podcasting solutions you’ll ever need. 

Click here to find out more about the incredible and portable RØDECaster Duo. And if you’re looking for even more podcasting power, click here to discover the extraordinary RØDECaster Pro II.

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