PureVPN’s rebrand goes way beyond a new logo

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After 15 years on the front line protecting people’s online privacy, this VPN service has been showing some serious commitment to improve itself lately. 

A few months back, PureVPN’s major revamp equipped users with improved connection speeds and security features. These included manual configuration support for its secure WireGuard protocol, as well as a proxy access extended to all its apps.

It wasn’t long after that when the provider joined forces with Samsung to build a safer online world. The plan is to integrate Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP) technology into Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi feature, setting up the next level of mobile data security. 

As its latest move, PureVPN has now revealed a massive rebrand of its software. From its classic green lock and keyhole logo to shining purple layers, it intends to symbolize the extra layers of protection its VPN provides. 

It’s not just a new logo and interface, though. In an effort to cope with an ever-changing online world, PureVPN has enlarged its product offering, now including a secure password manager, identity theft protection tool and a file encryption software.  

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PureVPN’s new identity, visual and beyond 

“We’re evolving from our iconic lock and keyhole logo to one that isn’t about what we do or what we produce, it’s about what we provide and what we support: authenticity and freedom,” a PureVPN spokesperson told TechRadar. 

Different shades of purple circle around a central white space, the latter representing a safe and personal space. At the same time, the translucent layers symbolize what PureVPN tools offer: protection, transparency, empowerment. Its true meaning is perhaps not quite as easy to parse as PureVPN might like, but it’s a thoroughly noble cause.

However, the real big news lies in its extended range of new privacy tools. 

“Not only have we redone the user interface from scratch, but also added new features that are sure to make your life easier,” said the provider.

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PureKeep is its own password manager software. The tool also helps users to safely store all their login details, while generating stronger passwords across 10 different devices at the same time. 

From carefully making sense of lengthy privacy policies to going over the permissions granted to all your apps, staying on top of your digital hygiene can be really time consuming. 

PurePrivacy is the provider’s response to this issue, aiming to assist users in taking back control of their privacy settings online. It can help to customize the data you share on your social media, for example. Or, to halt invasive ads from tracking you online. This should minimize the risk of some cyberattacks like identity theft. 

Finally, PureEncrypt is a tool for shielding any type of files with a layer of end-to-end encryption, password-protected vaults and/or other security checks like face ID and fingerprint. Users can encrypt all their sensitive files in a couple of clicks, to then store them on their chosen cloud storage platform. 

For a small additional fee, users can add just one or more tools to their VPN subscription. 

Is PureVPN any good?

PureVPN has been in the game a long time now, gaining a reputation as a reliable and affordable provider.

With more than 6,500 high-speed servers across 78 countries, it allows 10 simultaneous connections with just one subscription. That makes it ideal if you want a service that can cover all of your family’s devices.

Great news if you’re after a good streaming VPN, too. While we struggled to access some platforms in the past, we managed to unblock everything we tried this time around. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer. 

PureVPN is also known as a private VPN service with strict no-log policies. The provider even backed up its no-log claim with an independent audit recently. However, in our review process, we did find some app issues and inconsistencies that many rivals don’t suffer from – but despite this PureVPN remains a solid mid-pack choice.

It is worth mentioning that PureVPN isn’t the first provider to have extended its product offering. Quite the opposite actually, VPN firms are adapting as users are now facing multifaceted risks when online. 

Among our favorites, ExpressVPN has its own password manager too (ExpressVPN Keys) that comes free of charge. NordVPN’s Threat Manager and ProtonVPN’s NetShield features aim to block malware, web trackers and intrusive ads at no extra cost. One of the best cheap VPNs around, Surfshark, now even comes with a complete security suite Surfshark One including its VPN, private search engine, data leak detection system, and antivirus software. 

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