Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra withstands brutal scratches and bending in a gruelling test

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Samsung has made a big deal of the new materials used in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – namely a titanium frame and new Gorilla Glass Armor – and now a YouTube video has given us some idea of just how durable those materials actually are.

YouTuber and repair expert Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything put the upgraded endurance of the Galaxy S24 Ultra to the test as part of his smartphone durability test series, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra not only surviving but passing with flying colors.

The phone’s all-new titanium frame and Corning Gorilla Armour glass front should make the Galaxy S24 Ultra among the toughest phones ever and a notable upgrade over its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Tough as a Gorilla 

Corning Gorilla Armour is a unique addition to the S24 Ultra. Corning claims that Gorilla Armour is superior to the Gorilla Glass Victus and Victus 2 used in most other flagship phones, and says that in addition to being tough, it reduces screen glare by 75%, as seen in the video, in which the Galaxy S24 Ultra is compared to the much older Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The resistance of the screen was tested by using progressively harder tools rated on the Mohs scale of hardness, which runs from 1 to 10. The screen is then divided from 1 to 10 with corresponding harder tools used as the number progresses resulting in initial no marks, then light grazes to eventually deep cuts and gouges.  

The Galaxy S24 Ultra appears unyielding to the first several levels of hardness, with lines only beginning to appear on the screen at level 7, however, they appear faint and shouldn’t impact the phone’s operation much.

Nelson then comments on how the new glass even feels slightly different, stating his tools began to feel the depth of fracturing at much later levels than usual, at around levels 7 and 8.

The video shows that the Corning Gorilla Armour does seem to resist the micro-scratches that you’d typically see from key scratches and day-to-day use, providing an improved level of protection over previous types of Gorilla Glass. And even with level-7 scratches on the screen, the fingerprint scanner still functioned well.

I am titanium

Still taken from Corning Gorilla Armor promo vid for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

(Image credit: Corning )

Using the same tools scratches and deep cuts are then administered to the titanium frame, with Nelson noting that titanium resistance begins to show damage at around level 6 and that more typical aluminum frames are usually rated around level 3, which suggests the S24 Ultra’s frame offers a significant improvement in terms of durability.

Samsung doesn’t list the grade of titanium used, although these test results suggest it’s a significant upgrade on the aluminum used in the previous Samsung phones. Titanium is graded for strength on a scale from 1 to 12, with lower grades being weaker, and 12 being noted for its extreme heat and corrosion resistance.

Samsung has likely used grade 5, which is the same grade as the titanium used in Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It’s also commonly used in spacecraft, naval ships, and racing cars as one of the hardest metals known to man, however, it is also much more expensive to produce.

When Nelson attempts to bend the Galaxy S24 Ultra with his hands, the phone gives very little, not bending or breaking under pressure. I recommend watching the video for a detailed breakdown of the Samsung S24 Ultra’s incredible resistance.

Resistance isn’t futile

While the overall look and design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra haven’t changed much over its predecessor, it seems clear that the upgraded materials will make a big difference to the phone’s durability. 

And its ability to withstand severe punishment as well as everyday wear and tear, may just set a new standard for ultra-premium devices that could last much longer, making them a much better investment.

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