Soundcore’s new sports earbuds offer a Powerbeats Pro-style customizable secure fit for a fraction of the price

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Anker’s audio sub-brand Soundcore has very quietly launched a new pair of athletic earbuds known as the Sport X20. The company didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for the devices as it made the announcement on Reddit. But they do appear to be worthy successors to the Sport X10. One of their main features is the adjustable ear hook. Made out of soft silicone, the hook can extend 4mm out and be rotated up to 30 degrees allowing you to create the perfect custom fit. They should maintain a good grip around your ear while also being comfortable to wear.

To ensure the Sport X20 can withstand the rigors of the gym, Soundcore designed their earbuds to be tough. They have a resistance rating of IP68 making them completely dustproof and able to survive blasts of water. As if that wasn’t enough, the company is equipping the devices with SweatGuard as an additional layer of protection against moisture. Soundcore describes this technology as a “submarine-inspired seal” defending the internal components from the outside. Behind the silicone tips are physical buttons for controlling audio content. The Amazon listing page states each button can be customized through the official Soundcore app. 


Inside the Sport X 20 are two 11 mm dynamic drivers capable of outputting rich audio thanks to the BassUp feature. It should give your music a nice bassy punch. Thanks to the aforementioned Soundcore app, you can tweak the level of output you receive. The earbuds sport HearID tech to analyze “your hearing profile” and make a “sound profile… perfect for you.” Of course, we can’t forget that the pair have adjustable active noise canceling (ANC) to keep you in the zone during those intense gym days. The ANC can adjust automatically via an onboard algorithm that will learn your listening habits over time or you can do it yourself via the mobile app.

Battery performance has been improved on the new model. Soundcore claims the buds last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and with the case, that number is bumped up to 48 hours. With ANC turned on, battery life drops down to seven hours and 28 hours with the case. Plus, they support fast charging. Plugging the Sport X20 in for five minutes gives you two hours of listening time. 

Other notable features include six microphones for crystal clear calls and Bluetooth 5.4 Multipoint so you can jump between audio sources on the fly. 


On the surface, the pair are similar to the Powerbeats Pro earbuds. The latter are also athletic products with a comfortable design, a long battery life, and impressive performance. However, not only does Soundcore’s model have ANC, but they’re much cheaper too.

The Sport X20 earbuds are currently on sale for $79.99 on Amazon. You can get them in either black or a minty green. News site NotebookCheck claims they’re available in the EU on Amazon as well, but when we checked, there was nothing. So we reached out to Anker for more information to see if their earbuds are present in other global regions.

Until we hear back, check out TechRadar’s list of the best earbuds for 2024.

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