Taiwan has cutting-edge display tech to show off with Taiwan Excellence Awards

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The display is how we interface with a great many technologies. The quality of the display can make or break the experience. And in some cases, new display technology can create experiences unlike anything we’ve encountered before. It’s those transformational technologies that Taiwan aims to honor with the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Over the last 30 years, Taiwan has highlighted its domestic products with the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which go to products offering technical innovation and real, life-changing impact. It is this focus on innovative value that the International Trade Administration (TITA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) seek to highlight across the world. 

Each year, Taiwan Excellence Awards selects only a handful of innovative products that have met rigorous criteria for R&D, design, quality, and marketing. The selected products receive the Taiwan Excellence Award mark, which serves as a distinction and testament to their high standards. A panel of international judges take nominated products into consideration for even further commendation, selecting standout products to receive the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award or Silver Award. 

These products, designed in Taiwan embody a combination of innovation and excellence reflecting the following aspects:

  • Innovative: Products that prioritize customer satisfaction through advanced and thoughtful design.
  • Excellence: Companies that are passionate about common goals, foster team spirit, enthusiasm, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Value: Practical products that truly enhance everyday life
  • Dependable: Reliable products with quality and performance you can count on.

In the display technology space, three products not only landed the Taiwan Excellence Award but also merited the Gold Award from the international panel, highlighting the extent of their innovation. Those are AUO’s ALED Spherical Tiled Display, E Ink’s Prism display and PanelSemi’s Primary AM Mini LED Flexible Display.

AUO Corporation’s ALED Spherical Tiled Display

AUO Corporation’s ALED Spherical Tiled Display

(Image credit: AUO Corporation)

The AUO ALED Dome display features hemi-spherically assembled LED panels, AUO’s in-house video processing technology, as well as high brightness, saturated colors, and incredible contrast, offering a truly immersive visual experience. The zero-bezel tiling technology and high frame rate ensure an uninterrupted, flawless, and smooth viewing experience.

When combined with a dynamic driver’s seat, the hemispherical cockpit showcases extremely realistic images and dynamic seating, providing an immersive entertainment experience. This simulator can be applied to simulated racing facilities in the entertainment industry and specialized training scenarios such as flying, driving, or sailing. Simulated scenarios and training modes quantify training performance, helping to reduce training time and associated hazards. The AUO ALED Dome display brings users up, down, left, and right, delivering a fully immersive and lifelike viewing experience. It presents an ideal solution for applications that demand visual precision. 

 E Ink Prism display 

E Ink Prism display

(Image credit: E Ink Holdings Inc. )

E Ink Prism is a unique and dynamic material for design which incorporates a color electronic ink platform. Prism transforms the way spaces and surroundings are experienced. Manufacturers and designers now have the ability to integrate innovative films with surfaces and design to dynamically change colors, patterns, and habitats.

Programmable patterns and shapes can be integrated to create designs or functions. Whatever the idea, the opportunities are endless and only limited by a designer’s imagination.

PanelSemi’s Primary AM Mini LED Flexible Display

PanelSemi’s Primary AM Mini LED Flexible Display

(Image credit: PanelSemi Corp. )

PanelSemi provides ultra-lightweight and thinnest large displays that are created using the world’s first Flexible AM Mini LED technology. The displays are available in a range of flexible, rollable, and modular multi-tiling styles.

Primary features include high image quality, an extendable size option, fast assembly, low power consumption, and reduced eye strain by using PAM tuning technique.

These three products show off new and exciting display technologies, and it’s no wonder each earned the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. To find out more about each and the other products nominated for these awards, you can head over to the Taiwan Excellence Awards page here

Made in Taiwan: An environment that fosters innovation

The companies showcased here have forged everyday excellence into the DNA of their products. The Taiwan Excellence Awards showcase Taiwan’s belief that innovative, cutting-edge technology can lead the way to a better future. The winners of the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards also demonstrate how Taiwan’s work to build an innovative economic landscape is bearing fruit. For more information, visit Taiwan Excellence at https://www.taiwanexcellence.org

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