This Dock concept is exactly what we want to see from macOS 14

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Whenever Apple is getting ready to announce new software we all have hopes and dreams for what it might bring to the table. The impending macOS 14 announcement is absolutely no different and we can’t wait to see what Apple shows off at WWDC23 on June 5. But we just really hope that this concept is a glimpse of what’s to come.

That concept shows us a new type of macOS Dock that appears to take more than a cue from the best iPhone feature in recent years — the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Do we want this new Dock and nothing else? Absolutely not, but there’s no denying that something like this would be an excellent start to Craig Federighi’s walkthrough come dub-dub-day next month.


The Dock today is fine, but it’s far from what anyone would call active or exciting. It lets us open apps and switch between them. Sometimes it shows icons with badges that tell us how many unread emails we have or how many things are left undone in our task managers. But what if the Dock did more? The Dock could do so much more.

Enter designer Janum Trivedi.

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Trivedi shared a short concept video to Twitter and it’s everything we want from a Dock upgrade in macOS 14. We see icons that make way for more live and interactive content, like playback controls in the Music app. There are also what appear to be unread chats or favorites that appear when the Messages app icon is clicked and you can even see Safari making way for what appears to be some kind of download progress display. It’s all just so interactive.

We think this is a great start for the kind of thing that macOS 14 could offer, but we still hope for much more.

There are so many things wrong with macOS Ventura today that it’s difficult to know where to start. Actually, no it isn’t, we’d start by undoing the System Settings situation and going back to something that works. An interface closer to the old System Preferences would do us just fine, but we’ll just settle for a window that can be dragged to make more space for whatever options are displayed at the time.

What else? We’d look to Windows 11 for better windowing options, for example. There are plenty of third-party apps out there that make it easier to manage and tile app windows but macOS should do a better job of it on its own.

Finally, it’s time for Siri to get smart. We’ve seen how capable ChatGPT is and what it can do really does put Siri to shame. Apple’s focus on privacy isn’t helping here of course, but as Microsoft looks to integrate OpenAI tech in more ways, maybe it’s time Apple followed suit. We’re not 100% on what that could look like, but with so many Spotlight replacements maybe it’s time that Apple gave that some love. 

Just imagine having ChatGPT-like functionality baked right into Spotlight! Whether that will ever happen remains to be seen, but with Apple WWDC 2023 right around the corner, one can hope.

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