Welcome to TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2022

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2022 is almost over, but we’ve got just enough time left to squeeze in one of our favorite annual events: the TechRadar PC Gaming Week.

PC is still – for us, anyway – the single best place to play games. A vast breadth of titles ranging from giant triple-A games to obscure indie gems makes PC the definitive platform, whether you’re playing on a powerhouse rig or a clapped-out old laptop – or, if you’re lucky, Valve’s awesome Steam Deck handheld.

With some major releases in the graphics card and processor departments this year, PC gaming is in a strong place hardware-wise. What about the games themselves, though? We’ve been poring over all sorts of gaming-related pitches this year, and we’re pleased to bring in a wealth of fresh writing talent for your reading pleasure. Scroll on down to find all the PC Gaming Week 2022 articles – we’ll keep adding more as they’re published throughout the week, so check back in right here tomorrow!

Artwork of the protagonist of Ghostrunner fighting two thugs.

(Image credit: One More Level, 3D Realms)

5 PC Games to Play After Finishing Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

If you haven’t already watched Netflix’s animated adaptation of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, stop reading this and go do that right now. We’re serious. No, you don’t need to have played CD Projekt Red’s recent game, although the series is an excellent companion to that title.

Edgerunners portrays a dark yet bombastic vision of a technological urban future, and these five games perfectly encapsulate the sci-fi leanings of both the show and the original Cyberpunk tabletop game.

Ryu from Street Fighter V charging a Hadouken attack.

(Image credit: Future, Capcom)

How PC became the unlikely home of fighting games

They may have spawned from generations of home consoles, but fighting games were bound to find a home on PC eventually. What was once considered an unusual way to play these games has become a widely accepted platform for the genre – and it’s not just about the high performance offered by PC, either.

Fighting game communities are among the most hardcore and dedicated clades of gamers, and PC provides the ideal space for games past their heyday to live again. With the arrival of crossplay, even modern fighting titles draw a strong player base on PC these days.

MGS V Phantom Pain running on Steam Deck

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Five best Steam Deck games for your commute

Ah, the Steam Deck. A wondrous portal to the very best of what PC gaming has to offer, compact enough to fit in a small bag or a very large jacket pocket. Plenty of us love our Decks for on-the-go gaming, even if the editor managing this particular page doesn’t have one and is very unhappy about it.

For those of you who do have one of Valve’s excellent handhelds, though, these five games are sure to keep your commute feeling fun – and yes, Elden Ring is on the list. A game this editor still hasn’t played.

(Valve, send me a Steam Deck. Please. I’ll do whatever you want except actually pay for it.)

Tomb Raider on Steam Deck

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Steam Deck has made me sell my PC and move on from my PS Vita – here’s why

Another Steam Deck article? We’re not being paid by Valve for this, we promise. But as our charming and universally beloved Software Editor Daryl points out, the Deck is the perfect gaming PC replacement – and evokes memories of the most underappreciated handheld of yore, the PS Vita.

The Vita was an incredible tool for game emulation as well as just packing a ton of great games of its own, and the Steam Deck is the natural evolution of that. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up this handheld PC, see if this piece sways you.

Elden Ring playing on a Asus ROG gaming laptop against a green background

(Image credit: Future)

The best PC games

PC Gaming Week wouldn’t be complete without our definitive rundown of the very best PC games you can play right now.

From the top single-player titles, to hectic multiplayer madness, we selected what we think are the best PC games in 2022. Each one has been thoroughly played by us, and they all prove why PC is the best gaming platform. 

best gaming laptops

(Image credit: Future)

The best gaming laptops

What good is having all the best PC games if you don’t have anything to play them on? With TechRadar’s carefully curated ranking of all the best gaming laptops on the market right now, you’ll be able to nab a great deal on a powerhouse gaming rig in no time at all.

From the sensibly-priced Asus TUF Dash F15 to the high-end Alienware x15 R2 and Corsair’s new laptop, the uniquely designed Voyager a1600, there’s something for everyone on our list. Go check it out!

(Image credit: Future)

The best PC gaming headsets

Being huge fans of PC gaming, we test every end of the hardware experience, even the vast PC gaming audio market. We particularly enjoy the immersion of a good gaming headset.

Since we figure at least some of you share the same desire for excellent audio from our PC games, we included our comprehensive list of the best PC gaming headsets we tested in 2022.

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Ev Ses Sistemleri Online,
müzik dinlemek için en iyi hoparlörler,
ev stereo sistemi bileşenleri,
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